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  Why Choose M&R Autobody?  
  The one-hundred thousand dollar question...  
With more than 30 years of experience at one familiar location, this family-owned business has become a steadfast, reliable service agent to meet all of your collision, customization and restoration work.

Working for a Greener Durham -

Everyone knows that cars emit pollutants. But most people donít think about the effects autobody work has on the environment. Thatís why at M&R Autobody, we are currently upgrading both the facilities and our lean manufacturing process to reduce airborne pollutants and make a cleaner Durham Region. Just another way we are serving the community.

M&R Autobody - Manchester, Ontario  

A Systemized Approach -

Lean Manufacturing plays a key role in our success. By constantly scrutinizing every step within our production cycle, from when you hand us the keys to when you finally pull your finished vehicle into your driveway, we are able to offer you better service, a higher quality production, at a fair price. How do we do this? Our lean manufacturing process outlines our key strengths, we have:

  •  Reduced Waste:
By analyzing every step within our production cycle, we are able to determine the best ways to reserve time and resources.
  •  Continuous Improvement:
This is at the forefront of our minds at all times.  Some autobody shops may feel it’s enough to find a good process and stick with it.  But at M&R Autobody, we have found if you want to stay competitive and offer a great service for over 30 years, continuous improvement is key.
  •  Long Term Relationships:

Both with our clients and suppliers.  By building and maintaining long-term relationships with our suppliers, it means we are better positioned to a build long-term relationship with you, our client.  We never have to worry about a shortage of supplies or materials – or worry that we are not receiving the best price.


For you, our constant efforts to reduce waste, continuously improve and build long-term relationships means that you can rest assured knowing you are receiving the highest quality work, at the fairest of prices.

Experience. Knowledge. Creative Flair?

Repairing a car after a collision can be a pretty mechanical process. Cut the damaged pieces off,

weld the new pieces on, filler, sand, prime, paintÖ Maybe oversimplified, but essentially true Ė weíll handle your baby as if itís our own. Now letís change the original statement. Instead of a car being repaired after a collision, itís a 1929 Oakland and itís been sitting in a barn for 40 years? First problem, you canít buy parts. Cars back then had a lot of wooden parts and most of them on this particular car had rotted away. This is where experience, knowledge, and yes, creative flair can restore what was a heap of rust back into the gem it was in those flapper days.

13701 Highway #12, Manchester - Ontario - Canada - L9L 1B5
Phone: (905) 985-8592   •   Email: M_RAutobody@hotmail.com
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M&R Autobody is a local Port Perry area auto body shop. We fully service Ajax, Whitby, Uxbridge, Oshawa, and the whole Durham and GTA area. We specialize in classic car restoration, collision repair, performance improvements which include custom performance parts and body kits, and all areas of auto detailing and finishing. For more information on M&R Autobody or any of our Port Perry area services, please look around our site or contact us at 905-985-8592.